The Immigrant Institute

The Immigrant Institute is a non- governmental organization that functions as the National research and documentation center for Immigrants and Refugees in Sweden. In addition, the Immigrant Institute also functions as a secretariat for other immigrant organizations. The Institute was founded in 1973 in Stockholm and relocated to Borås in 1975. In 2012 the institute was force to sell the Immigrant's House in Borås and the office moved to Gothemburg


From the beginning, the Immigrant Institute has worked to create both a library and archive dedicated to research. The library at the Immigrant Institute contains an extensive amount of resources concerning immigration, with a focus on Sweden as an immigrant country. The library also maintains a collection of reports and essays from universities and state authorities.
The library was 2012-2016 located at Statens biblioteksdepå in Bålsta, outside Stockholm, until it was sent to Motala, and 2020 to Finland.

The Collection of Works by Immigrated Authors

There was a special collection- with its own SAB location mark for Immigrant Authors. There are approximately 1200 fiction writers represented in a collection of more than four thousand works.

The Collection of Immigration Magazines

The Periodicals department contains over 1,000 different magazines and papers. The majority of the periodicals focus on immigrant issues in both Sweden and the International community. In 2001, the Immigrant Institute published a catalog listing more than two hundred periodicals published in Sweden on immigration issues or by immigrant organizations. The last publication is online and can be read at


The Immigrant Institute has been connected to the LIBRIS (Library Information System) since 1990. LIBRIS is the national bibliographic database for the universities, colleges and special libraries in Sweden. The catalogue of the library's collections is accessible from all over the country and now even from abroad. Go to and write Imm as library code.

Another databases as immigrant author's biographies and catalog, immigrant artists biographies, immigrant organisations and so on are directly available in the institute's homepage.


The primary focus, of the archives is to preserve documents produced by immigrants and immigrant associations. The archives contains immigrant organization information, press releases, information from the Swedish local and national authorities and other material about or created by Immigrants.

Archives on Immigrated Cultural Workers

The special section on immigrated cultural workers represents about 2000 persons. The section contains media clips, inquires, short biographies, etc and the numbers continue to grow. A few writers have donated their collection of letters and manuscripts to the Institute to be held in the archive, including the Bolay and Allwood Collections.
These two parts of the archives are deposited at the National Archives in Stockholm.

Media clip

The Immigrant Institute’s archives contained approximately 50,000 media clips pertaining to immigrant and refugee issues. These media clips are collected from the larger Swedish newspapers and from other Nordic countries on a continual basis during the period 1970-2011. It is now discontinued.


The Institute has had three permanent exhibits. One exhibit illustrating the history of the Walloons in Sweden, the other presenting some cultural workers and the third displays the contribution and history of Immigrants in Borås from 1621 until now.

There have been are about 40 Immigrant artists represented by their own works. Some of these works have been on display at our facility un til 2011. The Institute has successfully arranged exhibitions throughout the years 1975-2011. Many artists have introduced their works to Sweden through the support of the Immigrant Institute.

Immigrant Associations

The ability to provide the most up-to-date information pertaining to immigrant associations throughout Sweden is on-going project at the Institute. For many years the Immigrant Institute has worked at preserving protocols, regulations, posters and information from different immigration associations. The archive contains material from both national and local immigration associations. Today, there are about 3000 such associations in Sweden and the Institute is in contact with over 1200 of them.

Editorial and bookstore

The Immigrant-Institute runned its own publishing company, Invandrarförlaget, which published more than a hundred and fifty books in different languages. The Institute also distributed other books dealing with the issue of migration, immigrants and assimilation, as well as fiction and poetry by immigrant authors. The publishing house is no longer active since 2012.


Since 1996, the Institute has built an information portal regarding immigration to Sweden, asylum, education, racism, research and an encyclopedia on ethnic groups. There is also information on cultural workers, magazines and immigrant organizations, etc.

The portal contains even links to informative websites regarding immigrant and refugee questions all over the world.

Prizes and Scholarships

Distinguished Immigrants and non-Immigrants, who have made an impact for immigrant and refugees in Sweden are awarded and recognized by the Immigrant Institute for their efforts. These prizes are a way for the Institute to support those who encourage the cultural life of immigrants in Sweden as well as good research about migration.

Immigrated cultural workers, writers, artists, musicians, photographers and scientists had also the possibility to apply for a scholarship. This was discontinued in 2000 as the supporting fund had to be sold to pay new upcoming taxes to the government.

Office for Immigrant Organizations

The Immigrant Institute functioned until 2011-2012 as administrator for some organizations.

IRF, Immigranternas Riksförbund (The National Federation of Immigrants in Sweden)
IKIS, Internationella konstnärer i Sverige (International Artists in Sweden)
SVIFF, Sveriges internationella författarförening (The Association of International Authors in Sweden). Both IKIS and SVIFF have ceased.

Support Fund

The Immigrant Institute is a non-profit organization. Since 1985 the Immigrant Institute, has received government support through Kulturrådet and support for our facility from Borås Kommun since 1989. The Institute has a support fund. The Institute welcomes private donations in order to secure the future of the organization. At the end of 2004 contributions totaled 325 000 crowns. This was used to avoid liquidation by the government. From 2006 a new support fund was opened and could be used until 2012, when the Immigrant House was sold.

Members to the Institute can be either individuals or organizations that want to support an organization that works to promote increased knowledge about immigrant issues, not only in Sweden, but around the world. The Institute has a total of 8000 members and we welcome more.

Membership fee for 2015:

Individual fee: 200 kr (Permanent Individual fee: 4 000 kr)
Students and pensionists: 100 kr
Local Organization fee: 250 kr (Permanent fee: 5 000 kr)
National Organization fee: 500 kr (Permanent fee: 10 000 kr)

International Cooperation
The Immigrant Institute participates in many international networks and umbrella organisations:

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