The House of Immigrants

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The Immigration Institute was located during 1993-2011 in a 1600 square meter sized house. It is now sold, and both the library and the archives are moved to Stockholm.
On the ground floor there was a big assembly hall that had room for up to 150 people, a conference room for 30 people as well as a café with a large kitchen where associations could order or organize gatherings.
The ground floor also functioned as an exhibition area. In the café there was a permanent exhibition about the history of the walloons.
On the first floor was the library and the archive of the Immigration Institute which contains around 10 000 monographies on migration and over 600 magazines on migration or by immigrants. A special room on the first floor contained the over 50 000 paper cuttings on immigrants that has been collected since 1978 until 2011. There was also an exhibition about immigrants in Borås located in the 'Borås Room'. The library and the archives are now in Statens biblioteksdepå at the National Library in Bålsta and in the National Archives in Stockholm.

Renting the House of Immigrants

The House of Immigrants was used for conferences for between 20 and 90 people and for seminars for up to 150 people.
As well as the big assembly hall there were also three small rooms for between 15 and 30 people.

(The picture on the right shows the café/dineingroom and the picture above shows the meeting room).

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