The Library of the Immigrant Institute

The library of the Immigrant Institute has the largest collection of literature concerning migration in all aspects, but mainly about Sweden as an immigration country. Presently there are about 10 000 documents in the library´s collection. 4 000 of these are rapports and essays from universities and authorities.

Here you can find litteratur on migration presented in the magazine Invandrarrapport

Here you can search for our books in the Swedish National Bibliographic Database
You may write "Imm" in the code for library when you search.

The Collection of Work by Immigrated Authors

There is a special collection - with its own SAB location mark - Immigrant Authors. Here you can find fiction written by authors who have emigrated and are working in another country. The collection is mainly created by the authors them selves through gifts and contains over 1 000 books by around 400 authors.

Literature by or about immigrant authors and cultural workers presented in the magazine Invandrarrapport

The Collection of Immigration Magazines

The library has also got a large collection of magazines containing over 1000 different magazines and papers: about 450 immigration and minority magazines; 200 foreign magazines and 300 swedish magazines that has ceased to exist.

The Immigrant Institute is since 1990 connected to LIBRIS (Library Information System) which is the national bibliographic database for the universities, university colleges and special libraries in Sweden. This means that some parts of the library's collection is searchable from all over the country and now even from abroad (See the link upwards). At the present roughly 40% of the collection is registrated in LIBRIS. The literature that the Immigrant Institute registrates there is also the contents of the local computerized catalogue.


Two local databases are under construction. One is called 'Invandrare i Sverige' and contains references about immigrants and refugees in all aspects. The bibliographic references are both books and articles from 1987 and forwards.
The second database contains articles from international scientific magazines dealing with questions concerning migration and refugee issues all over the world.

Plans for the future is to increase the accessibility of the library both by registraring the entire collection in LIBRIS and also by making the whole collection searchable via Internet along with the two databases mentioned abow.


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