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Issue 49, March 2019

Syarizan Dalib, Minah Harun, Norhafezah Yusof & Mohd Khairie Ahmad Connecting with culturally diverse others - The case of Malaysian students’ social interactions on campus
Ganfu Yang Problematic encounters between Chinese nationals and black South Africans in the building industry in Johannesburg, South Africa - An intercultural communication analysis
Linda Jean Kenix Exploring national culture through international media - The publication of a viral pro-LGBT image compared against a nation’s wealth, level of religion, and democracy
Mayra Rodriguez Ruiz & Neusa Olinda Varela Spínola Improving the Intercultural Communicative Competence of English Language Students
Milica Savić Relational practices in Norwegian students’ e-mail requests in English - A focus on openings and closings
Santa Stopniece Language as a site of search for common ground and power positioning in Chinese-Finnish negotiation
Yachao Li & Jennifer A. Samp Communication Efficacy as a Mechanism for the Chilling Effect on Complaint Avoidance - A Cross-cultural Comparison of American and Chinese Romantic Relationships

Issue 48, November 2018

Ghada Awada & Nuwar Mawlawi DiabBlog and Intercultural Grouping Effect on Learners’ Perceptions of Intercultural Communication Projects
Agnes W. Muchura-Theuri & Jared Obuya‘They wouldn’t allow me in their conversations’ - Communication experiences of immigrant traders in a Kenyan informal market
Toluwani Oloke & Sarab KochharThe African Union Commission’s Multinational Ebola Campaign Informed by and against the Decision-Making Model for Localization
Jonas Stier & Margareta SandströmManaging the unmanageable: curriculum challenges and teacher strategies in multicultural preschools in Sweden
Albert Agbesi Wornyo and Ernest Kwesi KluTeaching Academic Writing Skills using Intercultural Rhetoric Approach - The Criticisms and Intercultural Communication
Ferat Yılmaz, Hanifi Şekerci and M. Cihangir DoğanEmpathic Tendency, Majority Culture Representation, and Political Conservatism as Predictors of Intercultural Sensitivity
Cheng Zeng, Yanzhe Tang, Diyako Rahmani, Stephen M Croucher, & Leona K GilbertThe sculpture of tick-borne disease media coverage in the United States and China

Issue 47, July 2018

Viv Edwards & Dr YeA sociological exploration of the impact of study abroad on international PhD students’ self-identity
Manachai InkaewHegemonism in Thai Country Music - A Lesson-Learned Implication in Intercultural Communication
Jung-Soo YiRevisiting Individualism-Collectivism - A Cross-Cultural Comparison among College Students in Four Countries
Pilar Medina-Bravo, Miquel Rodrigo-Alsina and Frederic Guerrero-SoléAudience Contradictions in the Negotiation of Controversial Cultural Media Content - The Case of Muslim Women Journalists in Niqab
Laura Motel and Brittnie PeckSexIER Symbols - Examining the Effects of a Content Analysis of Gendered Visual Imagery in Cross Cultural Road Signs
Abdul Qahar Sarwari, Mohammad Nubli Wahab, Mohammad Hilmi Mat Said & Noor Ashikin Abdul AzizAssessment of the Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication Competence among Postgraduate Students from Different Cultures
Tingting Shen & Stephen M CroucherA Cross-Cultural Analysis of Teacher Confirmation and Student Motivation in China, Korea, and Japan

Issue 46, March 2018

Mustafa Zülküf AltanIntercultural Sensitivity - A Study of Pre-service English Language Teachers
Clark Callahan, Thomas Robinson & Kari-Ann TrachmannMigrant Perceptions of Social Media
Maryam Farnia & Elham YazdaniPoliteness Strategies in Remindings - A Cross-cultural Study of Iranian EFL learners and Americans
Franco Vaccarino and Mingsheng LiIntercultural communication training to support internationalisation in higher education
Jelena VuksanovicESL Learners’ Intercultural Competence, L2 Attitudes and WEB 2.0 use in American Culture
Jenny Yau-ni WanFunctions of Frequently Used Back Channels in a Corpus of Intercultural Conversations between Hong Kong Chinese (HKC) and native English Speakers (NES)
Pin-Hsiang Natalie Wu & Michael W. MarekDeveloping Intercultural Competence via Social Media Engagement in a Language Learning Framework

Issue 45, November 2017

Anuradha BhattacharjeeImpact of “Cultural Imperialism” on Advertising and Marketing
Gilad Greenwald and Sam Lehman-Wilzig"He Will Take Care of our Security Better than Her" - Examining Socio-Cultural Conceptions of Gender in Israeli and American Press Coverage of Female Candidates for Top Political Positions, 2008-2009
Daniel H. Mansson and Stephen CroucherAmerican and Finnish College Students’ Traits and Interactions with Their Instructors
Olga V. Nikolaeva, Chen Shumei & Maria Panina“Chinese Proverbs in Chinese Media in English - Intercultural Communication Perspective
Marcel Pikhart & Andrea KoblizkovaThe Central Role of Politeness in Business Communication - The Appropriateness Principle as the Way to Enhance Business Communication Efficiency
Miriam Sobre-DentonMulticultural third culture building - A case study of a multicultural social support group
Michał Wilczewski, Arkadiusz Gut & Oleg GorbaniukThe impact of individualism-collectivism orientation and communal orientation on employees’ attitudes toward intercultural communication - The case of Chinese employees in an MNC

Issue 44, July 2017

Claudia BorghettiIs there really a need for assessing intercultural competence? Some ethical issues
María Calzada-PérezThe Impact of Symbolic Culture on the Understanding of Visual Figuration in a Cross-Cultural Environment
Agnieszka DudekA Monolithic “Dead End” or a “Hybrid Exit”? Cultural Hybrids Facing National Image Construction & Their Role in the History of Intercultural Communication
Erla S. Kristjansdottir & Thora Christiansen“...you have to face the fact that you're a foreigner” - Immigrants’ Lived Experience of Communication and Negotiation Position Toward their Employer in Iceland
Eva Lambertsson Björk, Jutta Eschenbach and Lynette WebbReel Life Methodology - Developing intercultural competence through film fragments and dialogue in South Africa
María Ángeles Orts LlopisTerror at home: on the rhetoric of domestic violence legislation in the United Kingdom and Spain
Santa Stopniece“The Chinese Will Not Change; We Have To Change” - Adjustment of the Finns to the Chinese in a Chinese Investment Facilitation Context

Issue 43, March 2017

Daniel Chornet and Bracey ParrSpeech Codes Theory Applied to Problematic Situations in Intercultural Communication - A Six-Step Iterative Training Cycle
Arkadiusz Gut, Michał Wilczewski and Oleg GorbaniukCultural Differences, Stereotypes and Communication Needs in Intercultural Communication in a Global Multicultural Environment - The Employees’ Perspective
Iben Jensen, Heidi Hautopp, Lene Nielsen and Sabine MadsenDeveloping International Personas - A new intercultural communication practice in globalized societies
Henry Amo MensahForegrounding Hybridity as a Master Trope in the Globalisation Discourses - The Case of the Advertising Space of Lesotho
Diyako Rahmani and Stephen M. CroucherMinority Groups and Communication Apprehension - An investigation of Kurdistan
Tomasz RógCultural Noticing, Language Learning, and Sources of Tension During a Study Abroad Experience - Activity Systems Analysis
Ariadna Strugielska & Katarzyna PiątkowskaTurning Constructionist Intercultural Communicative Competence and Complex Systems Theory into Praxis

Issue 42, November 2016

Pimnapa Atsawintarangkun & Takaya YuizonoInvestigating Communication Styles in Text-based CMC Using a Classification of Intention - A Comparison of Same-Culture and Different-Cultures Context
Liudmyla BeraudLanguage use in Norwegian-Ukrainian multilingual couples
Judit DombiA study on advanced EFL learners’ intercultural encounters
Kjetil FretheimListening to the Other - Intercultural communication in times of crisis
Somayeh Mortazavi Ganji Ketab, Ezhar Bin Tamam, Jusang Bin Bolong & Saeed Pahlevan SharifInterethnic bridging social capital and the significance of ethnocentric interethnic interaction within Malaysian universities
Kara Rader, Kimberly A. Neuendorf & Paul D. SkalskiInternational Film and Audio-Visual Translation - Intercultural Experience as Moderator in Audience Recall and Enjoyment
Lin ZhuA Comparative Look at Chinese and American Stereotypes - A focus group Study

Issue 41, July 2016

Muhammed Abdulai and Hadi IbrahimMerging Cultures in International Mergers and Acquisition - A Case Study of Lenovo’s Acquisition of IBM PC Division
Abe AtaHow Muslim Students Perceive Australia and Australians - A National Survey
Paola CinquinaPerforming Intercultural Dialogue on the Stage - Art and intercultural education
Flora Galy-Badenas and Stephen M. CroucherMen and women in positions of responsibility - A qualitative analysis of organizational readiness in France and Finland
Claude-Hélène Mayer, Rian Viviers, Aden-Paul Flotman and Detlef Schneider-StengelDeveloping Senior Eccleasiastical Professionals’ Emotional and Cultural Intelligence - A Longitudinal Preliminary Case Study Research Investigation
Laura MotelSex Symbols - A Pilot Study Examining the Effects of a Content Analysis of Gendered Visual Imagery in Cross Cultural Road Signs
Lovie Edwin SeruDits waar (it is true) - An Analysis of the Communication among Construction Workers at Mabapi Estates

Issue 40, March 2016

Nittaya CampbellEthnocentrism and intercultural willingness to communicate - A study of New Zealand management students
Stephen Croucher, Diyako Rahmani, Kari Sakkinen & Dale HampleCommunication Apprehension, Self-Perceived Communication Competence, and Willingness to Communication in Singapore
Qiaolei Jiang, Rajiv George Aricat, Arul Chib, Alvin Chia, Sie Mun Tan, Lisa Tan, and Zhen Wei WooSilent but Brewing - Reactive Ethnicity and Interculturality among Chinese Students in Singapore
Junko Kobayashi & Linda ViswatNegotiation Strategies Employed in Difficult Situations - Focus on Japanese and American University Students
Miquel Rodrigo-Alsina and Pilar Medina-BravoA Reflection on Identities, Culture Models and Power
Kristin RyggWas Malinowski Norwegian? Norwegian Interpretations of Phatic Talk
Hanna Skorczynska Sznajder & Rosa Giménez-MorenoVariation in Letters to Shareholders from British, Polish and Spanish Companies - A Comparative Study

Issue 39, November 2015

Diler AbaTowards an Intercultural Communication Competence Tool for Academic Mobility Purposes
Dominic BuschCulture is leaving conversation analysis, but is it really gone? The analysis of culturalist performances in conversation
Ingrid HanssenDementia, Communication and Culture - Implications of linguistic and cultural diversity in intercultural dementia care
Andréa Machado de Almeida MattosThird Space - Narratives and the clash of identities in Disney’s Brother Bear
Kelsi and Keri MatwickEast Meets West - The Discourse of Japanese American Cookbooks as Intercultural Communication
Rebecca MerkinThe Relationship between Individualism / Collectivism - Consultation and Harmony Needs
Sonia OliverEnglish as a Lingua Franca in Public Health Care Services - The Spanish Challenge

Issue 38, July 2015

Cecilia Brassier-RodriguesHow Do American, Chinese and French Students Characterize their Teachers’ Communication?
Stephen M. Croucher, Mélodine Sommier, Diyako Rahmani, & Juliane AppenrodtA Cross-Cultural Analysis of Communication Apprehension - A Comparison of Three European Nations
Evelyn DomanIntercultural Communication as Revealed in Language Learning Histories
Esko Johnson, Heeok Heo, Klaus Reich, Irja Leppisaari & Okwha LeeExploring exchange students’ global minds in a study abroad project
Bessie Lawton, Meghan Mahoney & Lukas PelliccioA comparative study of the utility of new media technologies and power distance in doctor-patient communication in the Philippines and the United States
Maarten RikkenCampaigning and Mass Self-Communication
Kristin RyggJapanese and Norwegian Metapragmatic Perceptions of Contextual Factors in Intercultural Business Communication

Issue 37, March 2015

Maryam Farnia & Hiba Qusay Abdul SattarA Cross-Cultural Study of Iranians’ and Malays’ Expressions of Gratitude
Francis HaranLeaders and Followers - European Pre-understanding and Prejudice in the Greek Financial Crisis
Sally O. HastingsSensual Shock - Promoting the Study of Sentience in Theorizing Culture Shock
Adeleh Heidari & Azizollah DabaghiCross-cultural Metaphor Awareness as a Key component in Intercultural Communication Competence
Phyllis NgaiThe Impact of Teachers’ Communication Approach on Children’s Co-Cultural Adaptation
Tatiana M. PermyakovaThe Image of Russian Business through Linguistic Stereotypical Means
Ruth WongImpact of Overseas Immersion Homestay Experience on Linguistic Confidence and Intercultural Communication Strategies

Issue 36, November 2014

Øyvind DahlIs Culture Something We Have or Something We Do? - From Descriptive Essentialist to Dynamic Intercultural Constructivist Communication
Francisco Miguel Ivorra PérezCultural Values and Digital Discourse - An Intercultural Communication Approach to the Transactional Discourse of Spanish and US Sales Websites
Eva Lambertsson Björk, Jutta EschenbachReel Life - Film as a tool for intercultural dialogue in the classroom and beyond
Liang MoritaFactors contributing to low levels of intercultural interaction between Japanese and international students in Japan
Prikhodko MariaReflective Journaling - Exploring EFL Students' Ethnocentric Perspectives through Cultural Self-inquiry
Mai Nguyen-Phuong-Mai, Cees Terlouw & Albert PilotRevisiting Facework with a new analysis instrument - Face strategies and face negotiation in intercultural communication

Issue 35, July 2014

Lily A. ArasaratnamTen Years of Research in Intercultural Communication Competence (2003 – 2013): A Retrospective
Paolo E. Balboni & Fabio CaonA Performance-oriented Model of Intercultural Communicative Competence
Hsin-I ChengIn the Eyes of the Chinese - Affective Construction of Cultural Identity
Stephen M. Croucher, Flora Galy-Badenas, & Maria RuotsalainenHost Culture Acceptance, Religiosity, and the Threat of Muslim Immigration - An Integrated Threat Analysis in Spain
Elena PruvliBusiness Communication of a Persuasive Nature - Style Adaptation and Effectiveness during Intercultural Interactions
Deborah Clark VanceToward Self Reliant Communities - A Cultural Comparison of Disaster Response in Thailand, Guyana and the United States

Issue 34, March 2014

Zahra Amirian & Salma Soleymani DamenehMicrostrategies Employed for Translation of English Humor Subtitled into Persian: A Case Study of The Simpsons Movie
Melkamu Dumessa & Ameyu GodessoExplorations of Intercultural Communication Barriers among the Students of College of Social Sciences and Law at Jimma University, Oromiya, Ethiopia
Adeleh Heidari, Saeed Ketabi & Rezvan ZonoobiThe Role of Culture Through the Eyes of Different Approaches to and Methods of Foreign Language Teaching
Junko Kobayashi and Linda Viswat3-D Negotiation in a Business Context - Negotiation between Japanese and Americans
Larry Powell, Jonathan Amsbary & Mark HicksonThe Wai in Thai Culture - Greeting, Status-Marking and National Identity Functions
Fuyu ShimomuraJapanese Returnees’ Reentry Cultural Struggles - Differences and Commonalities in the Research Findings Over Time
Xizhen QinExploring the Impact of Culture in Five Communicative Elements - Case of Intercultural Misunderstandings between Chinese and American

Issue 33, November 2013

Zahra Amirian & Zahra Sharia'tiCultural Adaptation in IRIB’s Dubbing - The case of “Due South” series, episode 65
Jesús Bermejo Berros & Esther Martínez PastorEffects of ethnic presence in the commercial and public service advertising - Perception and attitudes on national non-immigrant population in Spain
Jonathan David BrownOn the Way to Effective Team Teaching - A model of ICC development within the context of team teaching in Japan
Federico FariniInterpreting and Intercultural Mediation in Italian Healthcare Settings
Leigh Anne HowardConnecting the World to the Word - Living Newspapers and Intercultural Communication Pedagogy
Pipsa Purhonen & Tarja ValkonenMeasuring Interpersonal Communication Competence in SME Internationalization
Françoise UgochukwuNollywood across Languages - Issues in Dubbing and Subtitling

Issue 32, July 2013

Rula Fahmi BatainehOn Congratulating, Thanking, and Apologizing in Jordanian Arabic and American English
Yanrong (Yvonne) ChangNever Mind? - Mindfulness and Competent Intercultural Interaction
Stephen M. Croucher, Dini Homsey, Erin Brusch, Christine Buyce, Shirley DeSilva, & Aretha ThompsonPrejudice toward American Muslims: An Integrated Threat Analysis
Niina Valtaranta‘You do not just translate your thought into another language - you translate the whole issue into that culture’: Intercultural understanding in the experience world of Finnish technical professionals
Jie XuPublic Attitudes toward Globalization in East Asia: Findings from a Cross-National Survey
Eunkyong Lee YookAn Exploratory Test of the Effects of Computer-assisted Intercultural Training: A Possible Means for Reducing Ethnic Conflict?
Rong Zhang & Dennis C. McCornacIntercultural Awareness via Improvements in Intercultural Communication: The Need for Change in Japan

Issue 31, Mars 2013

Kjetil FretheimEmpire and Ethics: Towards a Normative Theory of Intercultural Communication
Hyun-Hee Heo & Min-Sun KimOutcome-Oriented and Process-Oriented Frameworks on Biculturalism
Perry HintonThe Cultural Context and Social Representation: The Japanese Schoolgirl in British Popular Culture
Ali KarakaşIntercultural Attitudes of Turkish Students Studying in a UK University
Malgorzata Lahti & Maarit ValoThe Development of Intercultural Relationships at Work: Polish Migrant Workers in Finland
Dorian Soru, Valentina Schiavinato, Mohammed Khalid Rhazzali & Antonio Aiello“We were like them” - Intersecting Identities and Mediators' Intercultural Communication in a Municipal Service
Stacey Wilson-ForsbergBudding Multiculturalism or Veiled Indifference? - Inter-Group Contact Among Immigrant and Native-Born Adolescents in Small-Town Canada

Issue 30, November 2012

Huan Chen & Ron TaylorMessage Strategies of Chinese Award-Winning Print Advertisements: A Longitudinal Analysis Using Taylor’s Six-Segment Message Strategy Wheel
Kenneth C. C. KongGlobalised or Glocalized? A comparison of the linguistic features and actor representation of global news headlines in The Sun and Oriental Daily
Donata LisaitėProfessional Mobility: Experiences of Mobile Medical Professionals
Claude-Hélène Mayer & Lynette LouwManagerial Values in Transcultural Conflicts in South Africa: Findings from the Schwartz-Value-Model
Liang MoritaEnglish and Intercultural Interaction in the Internationalisation of a Japanese University
Samuel Muwanguzi & George W. MusambiraCommunication Experiences of Ugandan Immigrants during Acculturation to the United States: A Preliminary Study
Anna S. Songe-Møller & Karin Brunvathne BjerkestrandEmpowerment of Citizens in a Multicultural Society

Issue 29, August 2012

Óscar García AgustínIntercultural dialogue: Visions of the Council of Europe and the European Commission for a Post-Multiculturalist Era
Kirsten JægerAdopting a Critical Intercultural Communication Approach to Understanding Health Professionals’ Encounter with Ethnic Minority Patients
Jihyun Kim & Renée A. MeyersCultural Differences in Conflict Management Styles in East and West Organizations: Employing Holism as a Cultural Theoretical Frame to Investigate South Korean and U.S. Employee Conflict Management Styles
Patricia von MünchowCross-Cultural Discourse Analysis and Intercultural Education in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
Anthony Steel, Jude Butcher & Michael BezzinaFace to Face Encounters: Education and Engagement for a Shared Humanity
Albin WagenerDeconstructing Culture: Towards an Interactional Triad
Gillian Warner-SøderholmBut we’re not all Vikings! Intercultural Identity within a Nordic Context

Issue 28, March 2012

Artur Domurat & Anna ZajenkowskaConfucian and Protestant Work Ethics Among Polish and Korean Employees and Small Business Owners
Aparna Girish Hebbani, Levi Obijiofor & Helen BristedAcculturation challenges that confront Sudanese former refugees in Australia
Min Hou, Keith Simkin & Howard NicholasHas The Cat Got Your Tongue? Second Language Factors in Intercultural Difficulty Management
Yang-Soo KimExploring Communication Competence and Psychological Health: A Study of Cross-cultural Adaptation among Young Korean Immigrants (1.5ers) in the U.S.
Renate LinkInterculturalised Japanese Logic and Values in the Aftermath of the March 2011 Crisis
Linda Viswat & Junko KobayashiNegotiation Styles - Similarities and Differences between American and Japanese University Students -
Eunkyong YookTeaching Intercultural Communication through Service Learning

Issue 27, November 2011

Live Drange DanboltThe challenge of bilingualism in a multilingual society: The Bolivian Case
Edward DuttonTowards a Scientific Model of Culture Shock and Intercultural Communication
Alan Dale Hansen   Kelly Miller QuintanillaIt’s like a Mexican Bingo
Ingrid HanssenA song of identity: Yoik as example of the importance of symbolic cultural expression in intercultural communication/health care
Liudmila KirpitchenkoAcademic Hyper-mobility and Cosmopolitan Dispositions
Dashia Magee & A.J. MeierScience Education and Culture: Inquiry-Based Learning
Ehsan Shahghasemi, D. Ray Heisey   Goudarz MiraniHow do Iranians and U.S. Citizens Perceive Each Other: A systematic Review

Issue 26, July 2011

Junko Kobayashi & Linda ViswatIntercultural Communication Competence in Business: Communication between Japanese and Americans
Mohamed Amin A. Mekheimer & Hamad S. AldosariImpediments to cultural teaching in EFL programmes at a Saudi University
Sonja ModestiLooking at You Looking at Me: An Autoethnographic Account of a Tattooed Female and (Re)appropriation of the Tourist Gaze
Srividya RamasubramanianTelevision Exposure, Model Minority Portrayals, and Asian-American Stereotypes: An Exploratory Study
Saul Santos García & Karina Ivett Verdín AmaroHealth Service Provision in a Huichol Community in Mexico: an issue of Intercultural Communication
Masoud Raee Sharifabad & Sara ValiA Comparative Study of Native and Non-native Body Language: The Case of Americans’ Kinesics vs. Persian English Speakers
Moniza Waheed, Andreas Schuck, Claes deVreese, Peter NeijensMore Different Than Similar: Values in Political Speeches of Leaders from Developed and Developing Countries

Issue 25, March 2011

Martin AndrewReshaping educational experience by volunteering in the community: Language learners in the real world
Anne Marie BülowGlobal corporate communication and the notion of legitimacy
Yanrong ChangYou Think I am Stupid? Face Needs in Intercultural Conflicts
Joanna Elizabeth CrossmanExperiential Learning About Intercultural Communication Through Intercultural Communication: Internationalising a Business Communication Curriculum
J. David González-Iglesias & Fernando TodaDubbing or Subtitling Interculturalism: Choices and Constraints
Iben Jensen & Bente HalkierRethinking Intercultural Network Communication as a Resource in Public Intercultural Health Communication
Alicia Mason, Kevin B. Wright & Jessica BogardAssessing Cultural Representations of Physician and Patient Imagery in Medical Tourism Websites

Issue 24, October 2010

Anne BanninkWest meets East: on the Necessity of local Pedagogies
Francis HaranTelling the Truth about Culture: Intercultural Communication in Travel Writing
Jaya Nagpal & Elena NicoladisRunning head: Minority language survival
Oktay Aktan & Arnd-Michael NohlInternational Trans-Editing: Typical Intercultural Communication Strategies at the BBC World Service Turkish Radio
Raul ReisUses of Mass Media for Adaptation Purposes: A Quantitative Study of Brazilian Immigrants in Los Angeles
Pavica SheldonHost communication competence and locus of control of international students in the United States
Jonas StierThe blindspots and biases of intercultural communication studies: A discussion on episteme and doxa in a field

Issue 23, June 2010

Ingrid Hanssen & Lise-Merete AlpersInterpreters in Intercultural Health Care Settings: Health professionals’ and professional interpreters’ cultural knowledge, and their reciprocal perception and collaboration
Hans Erik NässThe Ambiguities of Intercultural Dialogue: Critical Perspectives on the European Union’s New Agenda for Culture
Iris RittenhoferInterview without a subject: The Russian doll question and cultural encounters
Penny Singh & Renitha RampersadCommunication challenges in a multicultural learning environment
Mahin Tavakoli, Javad Hatami & Warren ThorngateChanging Stereotypes in Iran and Canada Using Computer Mediated Communication
Dexin TianThe Hegemonic Role of the United States in the U.S.-China Copyright Disputes
Mark WardAvatars and Sojourners: Explaining the Acculturation of Newcomers to Multiplayer Online Games as Cross-Cultural Adaptations

Issue 22, Januari 2010

Clark CallahanGoing Home: Deculturation Experiences in Cultural Reentry
Arve Gunnestad, Anne-Mari Larsen and Stella NgulukaResilience in Minorities
Janet Holmes & Nicky RiddifordProfessional and personal identity at work: achieving a synthesis through intercultural workplace talk
Rebecca JohnstonChief Communications: Communication and Cultural Practices among Samoan Matais
Mustafa Emre Köksalan, Hamdi Serhat Guney & Kerem RizvanogluWorld Wide Journey of the Needle: Cross-Cultural Web Radio Experience
Kawakib Momani, Muhammad A. Badarneh, Fathi MigdadiIntertextual borrowings in ideologically competing discourses:The case of the Middle East
Aimei YangFrom "Silent Minority" to Collective Protests in Real Life: Tension, Resistance and Online Identity Discourse of Overseas Chinese

Issue 21, October 2009

Benjamin BregginIntercultural Language Trends at a Quadriethnic English-medium University in the Baltics
Howard Davis & Anna SosnovskayaRepresentations of otherness in Russian newspapers: the theme of migration as a counterpoint to Russian national identity
Kjetil FretheimWitnesses of Wealth.Development Workers, Intercultural Communication and Norwegian National Identity
Chris McVittie, Karen Goodall & Yvette Barr"I’ve learned so much": befrienders’ experiences of befriending minority ethnic young people
Jonas Stier & Margareta Sandström KjellinCommunicative challenges in multinational project work:Obstacles and tools for reaching common understandings
Xiaohong WeiOn Negative Cultural Transfer in Communication Between Chinese and Americans
Mahdi YaghoobiA critical discourse analysis of the selected Iranian and American printed media on the representations of Hizbullah-Israel war

Issue 20, Maj 2009

Lily A.ArasaratnamThe Development of a New Instrument of Intercultural Communication Competence
Richard EllisUnderstanding Interpersonal Relationships in the Chinese Context
Sabrina Fusari & Ilaria MontagniBetween English Humour and National Stereotypes – Translating Stephen Clarke’s Novel Merde Happens into Italian
Rebecca S.MerkinCross-cultural communication patterns: Korean and American Communication
Don MoenKorean Hybridity: The Language Classroom as Cultural Hybrid
Harald Martin OlkTranslation, Cultural Knowledge and Intercultural Competence
Ying Wang, Shaojing Sun & Paul M.HaridakisInternet use ad cross-cultural adaptation.Testing a Model of Internet Use in the Cross-Cultural Adaptation Context

Issue 19, Januari 2009

Justin CharleboisCross-Cultural Representations of Hegemonic Masculinity in Shall we Dance
Ulrike MeyerTeaching cultural awareness in the intercultural classroom
Noparat TananuraksakulAn Exploratory Investigation of Asian Students’ Sense of Dignity in a Non-native English Language Learning Context
Raquel SegoviaTransfer phenomena and intercultural movements of texts
Pavica SheldonBeing ill in a foreign country: International students’ trust in American physicians
Tianbo Li & Gillian Owen MoreiraThe Influence of Confucianism and Buddhism on Chinese Business

Issue 18, Oktober 2008

Henrik BøhnAcculturation and Identity in Adolescents in Norway
Haibin DongIdeology Complexity Model: Towards the soul-searching communication
Jim HarriesA Linguistic Case for the necessity of Enculturation in Theological and Economic Teaching based on the ‘Shape of Words’: including a case study comparing Sub-Saharan Africa with the West
Kay Kyeongju Seo & Paul Chamness Miller & Cynthia Schmidt & Patience SowaCreating Synergy between Collectivism and Individualism in Cyberspace: A Comparison of Online Communication Patterns between Hong Kong and U.S. Students
Cynthia LeeThe Cantonese apology style for personal offences in native and second languages in electronic communication
Pipsa PurhonenThe Cantonese apology style for personal offences in native and second languages in electronic communication
Linda Viswat & Junko KobayashiCultural Differences in Conversational Strategies-Japanese and American University Students

Issue 17, June 2008

Natasa Bakic-MiricRe-imaging Understanding of Intercultural Communication, Culture and Culturing
Ali S. Hasan and Volker RaddatzAnalysis of EFL elementary textbooks in Syria and Germany: cognitive, affective and procedural aspects in their inter-cultural context
Aladdin Al-KharabshehUnintentional Humour in the Translation of Jordanian Shop Signs
Martina MaletzkyExpatriate Power – a counteractive factor of intercultural Learning?
Claude-Hélène MayerIdentity and health in transcultural mediation: The Model of Culture-Synergetic Transcultural Mediation and its Impacts
Halvor NordbyValues, Cultural Identity and Communication: A Perspective From Philosophy of Language
Gabriele Pallotti & Cecilia VarcasiaService telephone call openings: a comparative study on five European languages

Issue 16, April 2008

Michael AgarA Linguistics for Ethnography. Why Not Second Languaculture Learning and Translation?
Alexander Bischoff and Janine DahindenDolmetschen, Vermitteln und Schlichten im vielsprachigen Basel. Umgang mit Diversität und Fremdsprachigkeit – Umfrage unter Leitungspersonen öffentlicher Institutionen
Nittaya CampbellYou’ve got mail! Using email technology to enhance intercultural communication learning
Jelena DurovicIntercultural Communication and Ethnic Identity
Lai Siew Hoon & Kato TomikoIntercultural Communication in the Japanese Language Classroom in Singapore: A Comparison of Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions
Elza Ibroscheva & Jyotika RamaprasadDo media matter? A social construction model of stereotypes of foreigner
Hilda Llanqinao Trabol, Olga Rebolledo Piña & Claudio Briceño OliveraTraditional Mapuche education. Contribution for an Intercultural Education

Issue 15, November 2007

Live Danbolt DrangePower in Intercultural Education: "Education in Bolivia – from Oppression to Liberation"?
Edgar HoffmannThe Image of Europe as Advertised in Russia
Yukiko InoueCultural Fluency as a Guide to Effective Intercultural Communication: The Case of Japan and the U.S.
Hubert Korzilius, Andreu van Hooft, & Brigitte PlankenA Longitudinal study on intercultural awareness and Foreign Language acquisition in the Netherlands
Jakob LauringObstacles to Innovative Interaction: Communication Management in Culturally Diverse Organizations
Ronald Schmidt-FajlikIntroducing non-verbal communication to Japanese university students
Ping YangNonverbal Affiliative Phenomena in Mandarin Chinese Conversation

Issue 14, June 2007

Antonella EliaFables and ICT: Intercultural Communication and E-Language Teaching.
Sabrina FusariThe Discourse of Philanthropy in Italy and The United States: A Case Study of Interparadigmatic Translation.
Nabelah Haraty, Ahmad Oueini, Rima BahousSpeaking to Domestics in Lebanon: Power Issues or Misguided Communication?
Sachi Horback & Cheryll Rothery-JacksonCultural Marginality: Exploration of Self-Esteem and Cross Cultural Adaptation of the Marginalized Individual: An investigation of the second generation Hare Krishnas .
Junko Kobayashi & Linda ViswatAn Exploratory Study of “Fairness” in Educational Settings —American and Japanese University Students—.
Kinga WilliamsRules and regulations: is culture-learning like language -acquisition?

Issue 13, March 2007

Christopher CoyneCulture, Common Knowledge and Post-Conflict Reconstruction.
Carolin FuchsStudent Language Teachers as Intercultural Learners in CMC-Based Project Work.
Jing LiuIntercultural Communication in Letters of Recommendation.
Christopher MilesIdentity’s Playground: Linking Second Language Use with Strategic Competence.
Hong Xiao and Eleni PetrakiAn Investigation of Chinese Students´Difficulties in Intercultural Communication and its Role in Elt.
Loretta Ya-Wen TengCollaborating and Communicating Online: A Cross-Bordered Intercultural Project between Taiwan and the U.S.

Issue 12, August 2006

Justin CharleboisCommunity of Practice Involvement Obligations.
Hanna-Kaisa Desavelle & Saku Mäkinen Addressing the Consumer in Standardised Advertisements: Linguistic Cues in French and Finnish Technology Products’ Advertising Texts.
Mohammed FarghalAccidental Humor in International Public Notices Displayed in English
Frank MeyerA Comparative Look at Scandinavian Cultures: Denmark, Norway and Sweden and Their Encounters with German Refugees, 1933-1940.
Margaret Murphy and Mike LevyPoliteness in Intercultural Email Communication: Australian and Korean Perspectives
Félix NetoChanging intercultural attitudes over time
Yumi Nixon and Peter BullCultural communication styles and accuracy in cross-cultural perception

Issue 11, April 2006

Arve GunnestadResilience in a Cross-Cultural Perspective: How resilience is generated in different cultures.
Seth Ayim GyekyeCausal Attributions for Industrial Accidents: A Culture-Comparative Analysis
Carel Jansen, Jos van Baal & Eefje BouwmansInvestigating culturally-oriented fear appeals in public information documents on HIV/AIDS
Haruthai Putrasreni Numprasertchai & Fredric William SwierczekDimensions of Success in International Business Negotiations: A Comparative Study of Thai and International Business Negotiators
Janet M. RobertsWearing the Hijab: An argument for moderate selective acculturation of newly immigrated Arab-American women
Xingsong ShiIntercultural Transformation and Second Language Socialization
Jonas StierInternationalisation, intercultural communication and intercultural competence

Issue 10, December 2005

Fengping GaoJapanese: A Heavily Culture-Laden Language
Ajay K. OjhaSensemaking and Identity Development: Different Fields, Similar Processes, but How?
Hanne TangeIn a cultural No Man’s Land – or, how long does culture shock last?
Loretta Ya-Wen TengA Cross-cultural Communication Experience at a Higher Education Institution in Taiwan
Sabine WilhelmCovering the war in Iraq: Frame choices in American and German national newspapers

Issue 9, June 2005

Ruba Fahmi Bataineh and Rula Fahmi BatainehAmerican University Students’ Apology Strategies: An Intercultural Analysis of the Effect of Gender
Neva Cebron, Reka Jablonkai and Ljerka Rados The cross-cultural business communication project or expoiting ICT to facilitate ICC
Xinping GuanAttention to Cultural Imperialism beneath Discourse Implicature in International Business Communication
Simon U. Kragh and Sven BislevUniversities and student values across nations
Yumi Nixon and Peter BullThe effects of cultural awareness on nonverbal perceptual accuracy: British and Japanese training programmes
Ilona E. PodolyanHow Do Ukrainians Communicate? (Observations Based upon Youth Population of Kyiv)

Issue 8, January 2005

Nataliya Berbyuk, Jens Allwood and Charlotte EdebäckBeing a Non-Swedish Physician in Sweden
Elisabeth ElmerothPublic authorities speak about immigrants
Iben JensenProfessionalism in Intercultural Job Interviews?
Alena KorshukLearning more about cultures through free word association data
María Palma FaheySpeech acts as intercultural danger zoness
Kinga Williams and Rose AghdamiManaging migration
Jingjing Zhao and Nelson EdmondsonConscius recognition of the limitations of human knowledge as the foundation of effective intercultural communication

Issue 7, September 2004

Wai-chung HoA Cross-cultural Study of Preferences for Popular Music Among Hong Kong and Thailand Youths
Sine JustCommunicative prerequisites for diversity - protection of difference or promotion of commonality?
Kaisu KorhonenDeveloping Intercultural Competence as Part of Professional Qualifications. A Training Experiment
Christopher M. SchmidtThe relevance of culture-specific conceptualisation for organisational management: a cross-cultural study on the difference between German and Swedish organisational concepts
Ingmar SöhrmanIntercultural communication or parallel cultures? The Swiss example with special regard to the Rhaeto-Romance situation
Jonas StierIntercultural Competencies as a Means to Manage Intercultural Interactions in Social Work
Igor Z. ZagarHow "refugees" became "illegal migrants": Constuction, Reconstruction, … Deconstruction

Issue 6, February 2003

Hans GullestrupThe Complexity of Intercultural Communication in Cross-cultural Management
Iben JensenThe Practice of Intercultural Communication - reflections for professionals in cultural meetings
Lin MaIs There an Essential Difference between Intercultural and Intracultural Communication?
Giovanna PistilloThe Interpreter as Cultural Mediator
Zhu YunxiaRevisiting Relevant Approaches for the Study of Language and Intercultural Communication

Issue 5, 2002

M. Gene AldridgeWhat is the Basis of American Culture?
Johannes BrinkmannBusiness Ethics and Intercultural Communication. Exploring the overlap between two academic fields
Ruth LillhannusOpen, Closed, and Locked Images: Cultural Stereotypes and the Symbolic Creation of Reality
Amardo RodriguezCulture To Culturing. Re-imagining Our Understanding Of Intercultural Relations
Christopher M. SchmidtMetaphor and cognition: a cross-cultural study of indigenous and universal constructs in stock exchange reports

Issue 4, 2000

Jens Allwood & Ralph SchroederIntercultural Communication in Virtual Environment
Mobo C F GaoInfluences of Native Culture and Language on Intercultural Communication: the Case of PRC Student Immigrants in Australia
James LeighImplications of Universal and Parochial Behavior for Intercultural Communication
Steven L. RosenJapan as Other: Orientalism and Cultural Conflict
Kjell SkyllstadCreating a Culture of Peace. The Performing Arts in Interethnic Negotiations
Tongtao ZhengCharacteristics of Australian Political Language Rhetoric: Tactics of gaining public support and shirking responsibility

Issue 3, 2000

Bente BakmandNational language planning - why (not)?
Magnus Bergquist & Magnus MörckFrom fever to flu: the rhetoric of reporting Asia in a Swedish business magazine
B. Campbell et al.The development of communicative abilities within small group contexts: a cross cultural perspective
Kiira Maria KirraFinns in interaction with non-finns: problematic phenomena perceived as critical incidents
Brian NorrisManaging cultural diversity within higher education: a South African perspective
Rumiko OyamaVisual Communication across Cultures
Zhu YunxiaBusiness Writing in Mainland China:

Issue 2, 1999

A. C. HofmannNumbers and geometrical forms as an intercultural 'language'
Kerstin Nauclér & Sally BoydCrosscultural Perspectives on Interaction with Minority and Majority Children at Home and in Pre-school
Alan McGeeThe sociolinguistic aspects of the business presentation and its importance for the teaching
Inese OzolinaLanguage Use and Intercultural Communication in Latvia
Hilde RoaldIntercultural Communication, the Print Medium and the Ideal of Two-way Symmetry in Interaction
Shlomo G. Shoham and Amit PinchevskiThe Medium is the Barrier
Bill Ticehurst and Cal W. DownsProfessional Communication in Asia/Pacific Organisations

Issue 1, 1999

James Haines"Oi! Skins"
Volker HinnenkampThe Notion of Misunderstanding in Intercultural Communication
Sten Jönsson, Anders Edström & Urban AskCommunication in product development in an alliance setting
Kaisu KorhonenIntercultural Communication through Hypermedia
Charles McHughReaction Profiles by Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese on ‘Skeletons in the Family Closet’ Topics
Paul McIlvennyAvatars R Us?
Sasho OgnenovskyParalinguism in the Theatre and the International Theatre Festivals