Journal of
Intercultural Communication

published since 1999 by the Immigrant Institute, Sweden - ISSN 1404-1634

Policy statement

The world today is characterized by an ever growing number of contacts resulting in communication between people of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Those contacts take place through business transactions, military cooperation, scientific endeavors, educational exchanges, mass media, entertainment, tourism — and via immigration brought about by, for example, labor shortages or political conflicts.

Throughout all these engagements, communication needs to be as constructive as possible, without misunderstandings or breakdowns wherever possible. It is here that research into the nature of linguistic and cultural similarities and differences can play a constructive, even critical, role.

The goal of the journal is to promote research along with education and training in the area of intercultural communication. The journal is an outgrowth of the activities of NIC: the Nordic Network for Intercultural Communication. The great interest shown in NIC activities pointed to a need for more peer-reviewed journals within the area of intercultural communication. By starting and continuing this journal, we hope to foster research and facilitate contacts between interested researchers as well as provide better possibilities for peer-reviewed publication.

We welcome contributions, both original research and reviews, concerning all areas of intercultural communication and cross-cultural comparison.

Volume 20, Number 1 (Issue 52, March 2020) | [PDF]

Intercultural Communicative Component (ICC) in the English Second Language (EL2) Curricula: Trends and Challenges of Transformation in South Africa (SA) and the Global World

Joy Christine Lwanga-Lumu | 1 - 16 | [HTML] [PDF]

Migrant Crisis in European Multilingual Media: Identity Construction across Languages

Lesia Ponomarenko | 17 - 31 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Exploring Intercultural Competence at the Macro and Micro Scale: A Case Study from Albanian University Students

Nina Gjoci & Erjon Gjoci | 32 - 51 | [HTML] | [PDF]

The Projection of Racial Identity on Social Network

Nolan Brinkman & Laura Jacobi | 52 - 64 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Research Perspectives on International Students

Christine Loy | 65 - 75 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Intercultural Competence and L2 Acquisition in the Study Abroad Context

Tomasz Róg, Zofia Moros-Pałys, Aleksandra Wróbel & Marta Książek-Róg | 76 - 91 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Managing the Symbolic Power of Halal Meat in Swedish Preschools: Food for Thought in Discussions on Diversity

Jonas Stier & Margareta Sandström | 92-106 | [HTML] | [PDF]