Issue 43, March 2017

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Daniel Chornet and Bracey Parr
Speech Codes Theory Applied to Problematic Situations in Intercultural Communication - A Six-Step Iterative Training Cycle

Arkadiusz Gut, Michał Wilczewski and Oleg Gorbaniuk
Cultural Differences, Stereotypes and Communication Needs in Intercultural Communication in a Global Multicultural Environment - The Employees’ Perspective

Iben Jensen, Heidi Hautopp, Lene Nielsen and Sabine Madsen
Developing International Personas - A new intercultural communication practice in globalized societies

Henry Amo Mensah
Foregrounding Hybridity as a Master Trope in the Globalisation Discourses - The Case of the Advertising Space of Lesotho

Diyako Rahmani and Stephen M. Croucher
Minority Groups and Communication Apprehension - An investigation of Kurdistan

Tomasz Róg
Cultural Noticing, Language Learning, and Sources of Tension During a Study Abroad Experience - Activity Systems Analysis

Ariadna Strugielska & Katarzyna Piątkowska
Turning Constructionist Intercultural Communicative Competence and Complex Systems Theory into Praxis