Issue 44, July 2017

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Claudia Borghetti
Is there really a need for assessing intercultural competence? Some ethical issues

María Calzada-Pérez
The Impact of Symbolic Culture on the Understanding of Visual Figuration in a Cross-Cultural Environment

Agnieszka Dudek
A Monolithic “Dead End” or a “Hybrid Exit”? Cultural Hybrids Facing National Image Construction & Their Role in the History of Intercultural Communication

Erla S. Kristjansdottir & Thora Christiansen
“ have to face the fact that you're a foreigner” - Immigrants’ Lived Experience of Communication and Negotiation Position Toward their Employer in Iceland

Eva Lambertsson Björk, Jutta Eschenbach and Lynette Webb
Reel Life Methodology - Developing intercultural competence through film fragments and dialogue in South Africa

María Ángeles Orts Llopis
Terror at home: on the rhetoric of domestic violence legislation in the United Kingdom and Spain

Santa Stopniece
“The Chinese Will Not Change; We Have To Change” - Adjustment of the Finns to the Chinese in a Chinese Investment Facilitation Context