Issue 46, March 2018

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Mustafa Zülküf Altan
Intercultural Sensitivity - A Study of Pre-service English Language Teachers

Clark Callahan, Thomas Robinson & Kari-Ann Trachmann
Migrant Perceptions of Social Media

Maryam Farnia & Elham Yazdani
Politeness Strategies in Remindings - A Cross-cultural Study of Iranian EFL learners and Americans

Franco Vaccarino and Mingsheng Li
Intercultural communication training to support internationalisation in higher education

Jelena Vuksanovic
ESL Learners’ Intercultural Competence, L2 Attitudes and WEB 2.0 use in American Culture

Jenny Yau-ni Wan
Functions of Frequently Used Back Channels in a Corpus of Intercultural Conversations between Hong Kong Chinese (HKC) and native English Speakers (NES)

Pin-Hsiang Natalie Wu & Michael W. Marek
Developing Intercultural Competence via Social Media Engagement in a Language Learning Framework