Issue 47, July 2018

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Viv Edwards & Dr Ye
A sociological exploration of the impact of study abroad on international PhD students’ self-identity

Manachai Inkaew
Hegemonism in Thai Country Music - A Lesson-Learned Implication in Intercultural Communication

Jung-Soo Yi
Revisiting Individualism-Collectivism - A Cross-Cultural Comparison among College Students in Four Countries

Pilar Medina-Bravo, Miquel Rodrigo-Alsina and Frederic Guerrero-Solé
Audience Contradictions in the Negotiation of Controversial Cultural Media Content - The Case of Muslim Women Journalists in Niqab

Laura Motel and Brittnie Peck
SexIER Symbols - Examining the Effects of a Content Analysis of Gendered Visual Imagery in Cross Cultural Road Signs

Abdul Qahar Sarwari, Mohammad Nubli Wahab, Mohammad Hilmi Mat Said & Noor Ashikin Abdul Aziz
Assessment of the Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication Competence among Postgraduate Students from Different Cultures

Tingting Shen & Stephen M Croucher
A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Teacher Confirmation and Student Motivation in China, Korea, and Japan