Issue 48, November 2018

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Ghada Awada & Nuwar Mawlawi Diab
Blog and Intercultural Grouping Effect on Learners’ Perceptions of Intercultural Communication Projects

Agnes W. Muchura-Theuri & Jared Obuya
‘They wouldn’t allow me in their conversations’ - Communication experiences of immigrant traders in a Kenyan informal market

Toluwani Oloke & Sarab Kochhar
The African Union Commission’s Multinational Ebola Campaign Informed by and against the Decision-Making Model for Localization

Jonas Stier & Margareta Sandström
Managing the unmanageable: curriculum challenges and teacher strategies in multicultural preschools in Sweden

Albert Agbesi Wornyo and Ernest Kwesi Klu
Teaching Academic Writing Skills using Intercultural Rhetoric Approach - The Criticisms and Intercultural Communication

Ferat Yılmaz, Hanifi Şekerci and M. Cihangir Doğan
Empathic Tendency, Majority Culture Representation, and Political Conservatism as Predictors of Intercultural Sensitivity

Cheng Zeng, Yanzhe Tang, Diyako Rahmani, Stephen M Croucher, & Leona K Gilbert
The sculpture of tick-borne disease media coverage in the United States and China