Issue 49, March 2019

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Syarizan Dalib, Minah Harun, Norhafezah Yusof & Mohd Khairie Ahmad
Connecting with culturally diverse others - The case of Malaysian students’ social interactions on campus

Ganfu Yang
Problematic encounters between Chinese nationals and black South Africans in the building industry in Johannesburg, South Africa - An intercultural communication analysis

Linda Jean Kenix
Exploring national culture through international media - The publication of a viral pro-LGBT image compared against a nation’s wealth, level of religion, and democracy

Mayra Rodriguez Ruiz & Neusa Olinda Varela Spínola
Improving the Intercultural Communicative Competence of English Language Students

Milica Savić
Relational practices in Norwegian students’ e-mail requests in English - A focus on openings and closings

Santa Stopniece
Language as a site of search for common ground and power positioning in Chinese-Finnish negotiation

Yachao Li & Jennifer A. Samp
Communication Efficacy as a Mechanism for the Chilling Effect on Complaint Avoidance - A Cross-cultural Comparison of American and Chinese Romantic Relationships


Liisa Salo-Lee
Oyvind Dahl, Human Encounters. Introduction To Intercultural Communication