Issue 50, July 2019

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Charaf Ahmimed and Sofia Quesada-Montano
Intercultural dialogue - A tool for young people to address exclusion in southern Africa

Stephen M Croucher, Elvis Nshom, Diyako Rahmani & Cheng Zeng
Social Desirability Bias among Prejudice Instruments - An Integrated Threat

Joshua Gukiina, Joseph Mpeera Ntayi, Waswa Balunywa & Augustine Ahiauzu
Intercultural Sensitivity and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour of Uganda Hotels’ Staff

Jung-Soo Yi
In-group and out-group perspectives - A cross-cultural comparison of four countries

Stewart Nield
The Mismeasure of Culture - Self-Report Questionnaires and Positivist Analysis in Intercultural Communication Research

Amos Owen Thomas
Visual Vernaculars Across Emerging Markets - Inter-Cultural Perception of Global Advertising

Agus Wijayanto
Refusals in Javanese and English - A comparative study of saying ‘no’ in two different cultures