Immigration to Sweden

Den reglerade invandringen, på svenska

Work permits
Secondary immigrants
Refusal of entry and expulsion
Residence permits for EU/EEA citizens
Further reading
The Immigrant Institute gets many questions regarding work and residence permission in Sweden. We can not help individuals with information in these areas. We however recommend that you contact the Swedish embassy or consulate in your respective country. For application of work, you may directly contact the employers or through employment offices. For studies or research you are advised to contact the universities directly or through their websites.

Immigration controls Swedish industry expanded heavily after the Second World War. Working hours were reduced at the same time, and this created a big demand for immigrant labour. Many Swedish companies therefore actively recruited workers from various European countries. This uncontrolled immigration continued until 1967, when Sweden introduced immigration controls.

Already in the 1950s, though, the Nordic countries had signed agreements between themselves setting up a free, common labour market, which means that citizens of one Nordic country are at liberty to work or study in