The Archives
of the Immigrant Institute

The Immigrant Institute deals with immigration and refugees issues. Its main purpose is to function as an information and documentation centre within this area. Since the start in 1973 a library and an archive has been created to preserve documents for future research.
The archives are now deposited in Riksarkivet in Arninge, Stockholm.

The archives main purpose is to collect and preserve documents produced by immigrants and immigration associations.

The Section on Immigrated Culture Workers

In the archive there is a special section on immigrated culture workers. The main part of the material consists of paper cuttings, inquiries, short biographies etc. A few writers have donated their collection of letters and manuscripts. Among these is the Bolay-collection.
Immigrants of the second generation who are cultural workers have lately been given alot of attention in the media and thereby more space in the archive.
Presently there are more than 1000 immigrated culture workers represented in the archive and it is growing every day.

The Section on Immigration Associations

For many years the Swedish Immigrant Institute has been working at preserving protocols, regulations, posters and information from different immigration associations. The archive contains material from both national and local immigration associations. Today there are about 2000 such associations in Sweden and the institute is in contact with over 1200 of them.

Paper cuttings

The Immigrant Institute have an extensive archive containing over 50 000 cuttings from ten swedish newspapers and one from each nordic country concerning issues within the institutes interests. The cuttings cover the period 1974-2011.

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