The Immigrant Institute

The Immigrant Institute was established in January 1973. It was located in 'Invandrarnas Hus' (The House of Immigrants) in Borås until 2012. The office is now moved to Gothemburg.
The purpose of the institute is to work as a national documentation centre on immigration. The library has an impressive amount of literature relating to issues concerning immigrants. One important collection is the collection of magazines published by immigrants in Sweden. The Immigrant Institute has, among other things, initiated quite an extensive documentation program in the field of immigration. More than hundred and fifty books have been published since 1973. Current information about immigrants was given in the periodical Invandrarrapport during 1973-2001 and on the internet since 1996.
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The Immmigrant House 1993-2011



The address:
The Immigrant Institute
c/o Emigranternas Hus Packhusplatsen 7, 411 13 GÖTEBORG, SWEDEN

The House of Immigrants

The Archive

The Library


The Immigrant-institute runs its own publishing company, Invandrarförlaget which has published more than a hundred and fifty books in different languages. Besides own books, the books published by Invandrarförlaget, the Institute also dstributed other books dealing with issue of migration, immigrants and assimilation, as well as fiction and poetry by immigrant authors.
The languages in which books were published (besides Swedish) are: Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Kurdish, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Turkish and Urdu.
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