The Significance of Postcolonial Studies for The Cognitive, Socio-Affective, And Procedural Objectives In Multicultural Foreign Language Teaching

Volker Raddatz (1)
(1) Department of English and American Studies, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany, Germany


The study of postcolonial literature and culture corresponds with recent developments in the didactics of foreign language teaching at the advanced secondary school level and, for that matter, at the university level as well. This article aims to highlight three significant interfaces connecting postcolonial and didactic discourse. Firstly, the challenge posed by the "center" to the "periphery" implies a radical change in perspective and consciousness. In parallel, modern didactics have been advocating a transition from a teacher-oriented to a student-oriented approach, as part of a paradigm shift from "instructivism" to "constructivism," emphasizing a high degree of self-determination and learner autonomy. Secondly, the dialectics of "self" and "other" involve a dual search for identity, which is directed both inwardly and outwardly. What holds true for individual students and their peer groups during adolescence is, to a varying extent, applicable to many postcolonial communities during their extended journey of rediscovering self-awareness and self-respect. Thirdly, the significance of the intercultural learning process, often associated with empathy, becomes evident in Postcolonial Studies, the foreign language classroom, and academic discourse.

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Volker Raddatz (Primary Contact)
Author Biography

Volker Raddatz, Department of English and American Studies, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

Prof. Dr. Volker Raddatz

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2009 - 2018

11 SES assignments in Myanmar, Kazakhstan and Indonesia (further training of English teachers and translators, scientific writing and publications)

1994 – 2008

Professor in English teaching methods at the Humboldt University of Berlin

1992 – 1994

Professor in technical English at the University of Applied Sciences of Mainz, department of civil engineering and architecture


DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)



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State examination as translator/interpreter at a state examination board in Berlin


Post-doctoral lecturing qualification at the Free University of Berlin (Habilitation) (English/education)


University of Saarbruecken:

PhD in didactics in the subjects of English and education

1972 – 1974

Doctoral scholarship at Saarbruecken University

1970 - 1971

Teacher training college in Giessen:

Second state examination (English, history)

1965 – 1966

University of Edinburgh:

Scholarship at the Department of English

1963 – 1969

Free University of Berlin:

English language and literature studies / history; first state examination 

Raddatz, V. (2024). The Significance of Postcolonial Studies for The Cognitive, Socio-Affective, And Procedural Objectives In Multicultural Foreign Language Teaching. Journal of Intercultural Communication, 24(1), 100–108.

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