Submission Guidelines

Journal of Intercultural Communication

The topic of the papers should have a focus on intercultural communication issues as the central and privileged perspective.

Each manuscript should be accompanied by an abstract of about 100-120 words.

The manuscripts should preferably be in English. It is recommended not to exceed a length of 8000 words, abstract, citations, appendix, and references included.

Contributors should submit their manuscript in electronic form, as an attached document by e-mail. Microsoft Word format should be used (no Word Perfect, please).

A short biographical note of the author/s is required as well as a complete address.

All papers received will be submitted to peer review by the board of editors. To keep reviews anonymous, we would like all authors to replace references to their own work in the bibliography and running text by the text ”to be inserted after review”.

Appendices should be kept at a minimum and preferably be short.

In order to facilitate editing, there should be a minimum of enhancements and formatting in the text. This is to avoid mistakes when converting between different programs. Please follow the following guidelines. Papers may be rejected for publication, if they do not conform to the guidelines.


Use the program’s automatic footnote inserter (in other words do not write them in manually at the end of the document)


Use the Harvard model for citations in text, i.e,. author, year, and page in brackets or citation or reference, as below:

… (Johansson 1997:214-124)

No comma after the name, no space or colon.


All references will appear at the end of the article. Please follow the examples below.

Broeder, P. (1991). Learning to understand in interethnic communication. Issues in Applied Linguistics, 4, 57-84.

Clyne, M. (1994). Intercultural communication at work: Cultural values in discourse. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

No comma after the name, no space or colon.

Submission and Questions

Submission of papers should be sent to Beatriz Dorriots. Please feel free to send your contributions attached in an email to

Questions can also be sent to the above mail address.

The review process for a first review normally takes about 2 - 4 months. The total length of the process is dependent on how much of an article needs to be revised and how long an author needs to make the revisions.