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The Immigrant Institute receives many questions regarding situations in different countries in regards to immigrants and of their languages. As immigrants come from all over the world, it is practically impossible for us to give a global coverage in all the languages at the present moment. However,we managed to pick up the most important links that can help you with information and increase your knowledge about the global kowledge in the context of migration. If you feel some links are missing don't hesitate to write to us.
E-mail: migrant@immi.se

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  • The free dictionary, by Farlex
    The world's most comprehensive dictionary: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek, Russian, Medical, Legal, and Financial Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Acronyms and Abbreviations, Idioms, Encyclopedia, a Literature Reference Library, and a Search Engine all in one!
  • Your dictionary
    The dictionary you can understand
  • Wordsmyth: The Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus
    Wordsmyth: The Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus (WEDT) touts itself as "the premier online American English dictionary with an integrated thesaurus." WEDT contains 50,000 headwords and well-defined and hyperlinked synonyms.
  • Logos
    Dictionary in many languages
  • Lexin
    Lexika in English, Bosniak, Finnish, Greek, Kroatian, Russian, spanish, Turkish and more languages.
  • Dictionary.com
    access to millions of definitions, synonyms, audio pronunciations, example sentences, translations and spellings through our services at Dictionary.com, Thesaurus.com and Reference.com. Contains also thesaurus, quotes, references and a Spanish-English dictionary.
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Languages - Aprender el español Free translation services
  • Systran, Internet translation technologies
    Here you may translate online homepages to and from english, french, italian, portuguise, spanish and german
  • Babylon
    A translation program from english to different languages. (Free evaluation copy for no commercial purpose)
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